Your company’s marketing goals often require a strategy addressed by focusing on several inter-related activities. Our capabilities allow us to build a cohesive strategy that can incorporate a variety of offerings based on your goals and objectives.
Elementary questions that prospective customers consider when deciding to make a purchase include the following:
What are you offering? Will it solve my needs? Are there solutions that solve current or future needs which you do not offer?
· Competitor and Customer Analysis
· Market Segmentation
· Product Planning and Positioning
· Product Development
· New Product Launch
Is the cost reasonable compared to the alternative? Does the inexpensive (expensive, comparable) pricing relative to the competition indicate value (quality, interchangeability)?
· Strategic Pricing
· Fixed and Variable Cost Analysis
· Competitive Pricing
· Discounting/Bundling Strategies
Where can I find it? Are your products easy for customers to find?
· Channel Analysis
· Market Coverage
· Transportation and Logistics Analysis
How do I learn about it (if I do not already know about it)? What do you want me know about your business? Why should I purchase from you instead of your competitor?
· Creative Strategy
· Internet Marketing Strategy
· Product and Sales Collateral
· Marketing Effectiveness Analysis